Medical Facility Cleaning Services Olympia

Medical Facility Cleaning Services Olympia

Thoughtful and Thorough Medical Facility Cleaning Services in Olympia

Most people aren’t actually surprised to learn that up to 30% of patients in intensive care units acquire new infections while undergoing treatment.

And the truth is, many medical-facilitys acknowledge that their cleaning and sterilization methods could be better.

Kelly Building Maintenance views medical janitorial service as an extension of the treatment and care a medical-facility provides to its patients.

With as many challenges that patients face while in a medical-facility, the medical-facility itself hosting pathogens that could leave them worse off than they started doesn’t need to be one.

Stopping the Snowball of Healthcare-Associated Pathogens

Medical Facilitys may not always be able to redesign themselves, but they can all strive to be cleaner. Where it may be impossible to work around the practicalities of medical-facility layout that lead to patients getting sicker, there is a lot that can be done to limit the presence of easily transmissible illnesses.

We take a holistic approach towards stopping the transmission of pathogens.

  • Our entire team is educated and up to date on all of the safest industry practices in health care cleaning services.
  • Head-to-toe protective gear prevents the spread of contamination.
  • 10-minute disinfectant times maximize efficacy of cleaning protocols.
  • We work closely with medical staff to understand specific needs and nuances of their facility.
  • Regularized full-service cleaning and decontamination services available.

Experienced Medical Facility Cleaning

Because of the far-reaching implications of a job done wrong, medical janitorial services are one thing that’s best left to those who specialize in it.

To achieve a measurable difference in cleanliness, it takes an experienced, attentive team to root out and eliminate the sources of contamination that may be present.Medical Facility Janitorial Services Olympia

In addition to any custom cleaning treatments, here is a little more of what we do to make medical-facilitys clean:

  • Emergency clean up and point-of-origin decontamination.
  • Vigilant sterilization of terminals following inpatient care.
  • Cleaning, scrubbing and waxing of floors.
  • Concrete floor protection with 3M Scotchgard application.
  • Invasive parasite treatments.
  • OR terminal sanitation – nightly and on-call.
  • Strict prevention of cross-contamination between terminals and thresholds.
  • Handling and disposal of regulated waste.
  • Laboratory sterilization and decontamination.
  • Across-the-board housekeeping and general cleanup.

Our experience, education and expertise mean that medical-facility staff can fully focus on the care and treatment of patients, while worrying less about their facility becoming a source of illness among its patients.

For buildings and medical-facilitys looking for industry-standard levels of cleanliness, call Kelly Building Maintenance today for a consultation.

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